Rain and Hurricane Wedding – How to Prepare Accordingly

Any woman planning for her wedding outdoors, more than any other time, keeps refreshing on the weather patterns of the big day. The weather becomes very important within those few days and it's understandable. You have probably downloaded a few weather apps to remain updated just in case one app misses something. While you might not really care much about wedding crashers, having a hurricane and rains crash your wedding is a whole new matter all together.

However, with careful preparation you shouldn't have a problem keeping your calm, whether the downpour really pounds your wedding venue and surrounding areas or not. Worrying will probably change nothing but having a few plans in place will change a lot of things. You need to really prepare accordingly.

Backup space

When it comes to the choice of a venue during rainy and hurricane season, it's critically important to have a backup place handy. This means you would like to have your wedding outdoors and if the hurricane warnings don't amount to much and the rain doesn't materialize you'd be alright. Nonetheless, always be prepared, whether the forecast for that day is heavy rain, sunny day, or that day when a hurricane just decides to visit the area where your outdoor event is meant to be.

As you choose a backup space, ensure you have visited it, seen it and loved everything about it. If you intend to snap away as many pictures outdoors choose another internal space that'll do just fine in case the heavens open mercilessly. Some wedding venues do have lots of space that you can get formal portraits done without going outside. Just ask.

Embrace it

Not many know that lightning is awesome when it comes to wedding photos! Sometimes rain characterized with thunder and lightening has its blessings if you're ready to be a little brave with your groom beside you. You can also recruit a maid or two to venture out with.

Even so, you might want to prepare according by going for a few umbrellas and having them around just in case. Invest in some wet rubber boots to use during the rain; you'll love their cool appearance, particularly the photos!

Remember after the little venture in the rain you definitely will need a little touch-up; put some time aside for this. Know the right hair styles if you have rapid frizzing hair when exposed to water or rain.

Don't agonize about it

It's best to remain as decisive as you can and avoid worrying over the weather and how things will turn up or you'll be coping with. The important thing is always having a plan B just in case.

If you've made up your mind to get married in the rain and the date and venue of the wedding aren't flexible take it a notch higher. Request all the guests to carry umbrellas and to be ready just in case it pours. This is fabulous if you're doing an invited-only wedding with some privacy and selected guests.

Always remember, it's your big day and guests will even come knowing there'll be mud, rain or hurricane. It's the only time where no matter the weather or surroundings a huge contingent of friends and family will be there anyway. Discuss it with your partner and avoid agonizing about it too much.

Cut your vendors some slack

If you're like many people you probably have used the most experienced vendors with a lot of knowledge on the local weather, their job and your wedding venue. They've worked in hurricane and rainy functions before and they know how to make things happen. You need to trust them if they have indicated they'll meet their end of the bargain, no matter the weather patterns.

Contrary to popular opinion, even photographers are always excited of capturing video and images differently and not in the normal weather where challenges are virtually zilch. The florist will set-up things perfectly outdoors or indoors, the photos will be superb and wonderful to look at and the music chosen by the DJ will be as you've always wanted. Everything will work out fine.

Take a peak at the contracts once more

If you're certain of a hurricane and rainy wedding go back to the contracts you have with vendors and other professionals you're hiring for the big day and re-read them again. Check for clauses on natural disasters, which means in case you decide to postpone or cancel your wedding, the bill will not be on you or just a little percentage of the entire cost. It's always not the case in most cases and reading the contract's fine print is very important.

In case it's a specific venue that could get ugly in case of a hurricane, the place or person renting it to you might have another way out or a solution just in case. Remember, if the vendor asks you to postpone the wedding due to the impeding natural catastrophe and you ignore it and go ahead with another vendor or wedding location unperturbed by the weather, you will lose the usually nonrefundable deposit.

Can you move the wedding date?

Once you've read the contracts once more you'll be well advised and informed whether all the vendors and wedding location are ready to go ahead with the wedding no matter what will happen. Ensure every vendor is aware of the possible outcomes and speak from the same page.

In case some vendors develop cold feet, and you could lose money by canceling the contracts, think about changing the wedding date. That way, you can save money and still get married without suffering the rage of a hurricane and fiery windy rain. Don't forget to talk with your guests, bridal entourage, family and others about the new date and if it works for them.

Consider weather hotline and updates

If you're sure about a hurricane and rainy wedding consider setting up a rolling weather update for the wedding and keep alerting your wedding guests on the weather expected for that wedding weekend. As a result you'll have all you guests well informed on your wedding plans on SMS, voicemail, email or word of mouth. In case you've a wedding blog or website up, simply have a note somewhere indicating the weather for that day.

However, if you intend to avoid the hurricane completely, take a close look at the weather pattern during certain months when hurricanes are reported and heavy downpour is the norm and avoid them. The important thing is to have a backup plan just in case.

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