Wedding Music for Your Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Music for Your Ceremony and Reception

To create the ideal special day, every detail has to be planned out perfectly. These details include the music that will be played at your ceremony and reception. Many people think their only the traditional ways of doing things, but the truth is that it is your wedding and you can choose to be as creative as you like. Customizing the music, especially for your ceremony is just one way to add a unique touch to your big event without going over the top.

Ceremony Music

When it comes to the ceremony, there are several options that are available as far as music goes. While going with traditional ways are acceptable, so are a host of other choices that might appeal more to you and your partner.

Traditional Wedding March

The choice of the majority of engaged couples, the traditional wedding march has been being played at weddings for as long as most can remember. The softly swaying gait of this song allows for perfect timing when walking down the aisle, it is also a song that will be expected and known by your guests, making the perfect option for those who wish to go with a more traditionally themed wedding.

Pre-Recorded Music

For those who wish to mix things up a bit and add a personal sense of style or a sentimental touch, pre-recorded music gives you that luxury without the added hassle of arranging live music. Simply find a recording of whatever song you desire, or that mean the most to you and your partner, and arrange to have a friend start and end it at the appropriate times during the ceremony.

Customized Live Music

Other couples who want to add a personal touch to their wedding ceremony music might choose to go with live customized music. This can be a simple song sung by a family friend, or a complicated arrangement performed by a hired singer. Regardless of who does the singing, this choice will be sure to add an unexpected personal touch to your wedding day.

Reception Music

During the reception, you also have a choice of what type of music should be played. Each engaged couple has a different idea and expectation about the type of music and how it will be performed at their reception. This is just another choice of the wedding that can be perfectly customized to meet the individual needs of each couple.


By far one of the most popular choices, DJs can be hired for a relatively low fee for your reception and can play any type of music you would like. Some provide karaoke as well for a fun touch and others have a setup that comes equipped with party lights and more.

Live Bands

Live bands are a good way to go when money is not necessarily a factor. Unless you know the band and they are performing for free or at a reduced rate, a live band can set you back quite a lot of money on your special day. The draw of a big named band can be a great treat for your guests however and even lesser known bands can be hired to play almost any genre of music you desire.

Pre-recorded CDs

For those on a very tight budget, pre-recorded CDs can provide music for your reception in a pinch. Spend time with your partner putting together a mixture of fun dance tunes and romantic ballads that will be perfect for your guests to enjoy.

There are many choices available when it comes to picking the wedding music for your ceremony and reception. The options listed above are the main choices that are available to couples who are looking to make this important decision for their big event.

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