Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions

What name change forms and documents do you help me with?

We help with your social security card, passport, updating IRS information, driver's license information, vehicle title, U.S. postal service, and other non-government organizations such as banks, credit cards, doctor's offices, membership organizations, etc.

How much does your name change service cost?

Our service costs $29.97. This is a one-time fee. To order, please visit the secure checkout page.

How long will I have access to my account?

Forever. You'll have lifetime access.

Can I use this service to hyphenate my last name?

Yes, this service does help with name hyphenations.

Can I complete my name change forms before I get married?

Yes, you can complete the process of filling out your name change forms before marriage, then mail them after you're married.

I'm divorced. Can I change my last name back to my maiden name?

Our service works fine for a divorce name change (as long as your divorce decree has a name change order). The name change procedure for marriage and divorce is similar—instructions within your account will direct you to substitute your "marriage certificate" with your divorce decree (original or certified copy).

Can my fiancé or husband change his name as well?

For women, our service easily supports a marriage name change for every state in the country. For men, depending on the state, it can be more involved. Several states that allow a husband to change his name as easily as his wife's: California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Oregon. If your husband resides in one those states, he can use our service as-is. If he doesn't, the process can be bit more cumbersome—it usually involves petitioning the court.

Is your service compatible with my browser or device (i.e., iPhone, Android, PC, Mac)?

This site works with most modern web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE11+, and Opera, among others. It's also mobile-friendly, supporting your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or mac.

Logging In

How do I get back into my account?

Your account login link is at the top-right of every page. If you're currently logged in, it'll show "My Account" instead.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Please use the password recovery form to recover your password.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through our Authorize.Net merchant account. We also accept PayPal as an option for those who prefer it.

Will I get billed more than once?

There is a one-time charge of $29.97 to use our service. You will have lifetime access to your account.

How long do I have to wait to receive my purchase?

You'll get immediate, automatic access following successful completion of the checkout process.

Why did the checkout form say my chosen username was invalid?

Your username may only contain alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers), dashes (-), underscores (_), periods (.), and the "at" (@) symbol. Please remove other special characters.

I made a purchase, but haven't yet received my product? What happened?

That's odd. Once checkout is complete, your browser should have redirected you to your account. It's possible your browser blocked the automatic redirect, but that's a rare phenomenon. Regardless, you'll just need to login to your account to access your purchase.

I didn't finish changing my name in one sitting. Do I have to make another purchase?

You don't need to make another purchase to resume working on your name change. Just log back into your account to continue working where you left off.

Why was my transaction declined?

Our merchant account processor provides limited details for transaction declines. The typical reason is the credit card expiration date or 3-4 digit security code you entered was wrong. Please try again and double-check your payment details. If you experience a secondary decline, please try another card or checkout using PayPal.


How do I get a refund?

Please email us your request. We process order cancellations and refunds within 24 hours. You'll receive email confirmation once it's done.

How do I remove my billing information from your system?

As a security precaution, we don't store or archive billing data on our server, so there's nothing to remove.

PDF Forms

How do I open and print my PDFs?

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print your downloaded PDFs.

Can you recommend an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Yes, you can give Foxit Reader or Sumatra PDF a try, both of which are free.

Why did I get a file "not found" notice when I tried to download my generated form?

When you generate a form, a random, anonymized download link is provided to you. Please download your PDF file without delay, as the download link will soon expire and file deleted. This is an intentional security precaution. If you miss your window, regenerate the file and download it again.

Why do I get a blank page or error when I download my generated PDF form?

Blank PDFs and browser errors (rare events) often stem from a mis-configured browser PDF extension, or a browser caching or proxy issue. The most common solution is to upgrade your PDF app to its latest version.

Using Our Service

I started the process of changing my name, but didn't finish. Now what?

You needn't finish everything in one sitting. Log back into your account and continue working where you left off.

Instead of mailing in my social security form, can I submit in person?

Yes, you can file it in person, if you'd prefer. Your account will provide details and links for locating a local Social Security Administration office that's closest to your location.

Why does your form ask about the age of my passport?

There are multiple passport forms. Depending on the age of your passport, you will have to fill out a different form. We ask so that the proper form is provided to you.

I password-protected my form, but can't remember it. How do I open or print it?

Password-protecting your forms is an optional security measure. If you can't recall the password you chose when generating your form, log back into your account and regenerate it with a new password.

How do I erase all the information I entered into my name change forms?

There's a "Clear Form" button at the bottom of every form/page that will erase your entered data.

I need a certified copy of my marriage certificate. Where can I get one?

Contact your local vital records office to request a certified copy of your marriage certificate. If you're having trouble locating one in your area, contact us, specifying your city and state, and we'll locate one close to you. Marriage certificate copies can typically be ordered by postal mail.

How do I close my account after I finish using your service?

If you need to close or delete your account, please contact us with your request.

I need help with my name change? How do I contact you?

You can contact us with your technical support name change questions by phone or email.

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