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Instructions for Legal Name Change in Massachusetts

You can definitely change your name in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for various reasons. There are different documents to be filled for all scenarios and it's important to know a number of things before starting the process.

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Name Change After Marriage in New Hampshire

The name change process is much easier than most people might think. Here is a quick guide on how to change your name in state of New Hampshire through marriage, petitioning the court, or during a divorce.

Minnesota name change through marriage, divorce, or court

Name Change After Marriage in Minnesota

Many people assume changing your name is a long, tedious process. In reality, the name changing process is pretty straightforward and simple to follow. This short guide will help guide you through the name change process in Minnesota.

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How to Change Your Name After Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be a difficult enough process on its own. When you consider both the legal and emotional ramifications, it can take its toll on you. Changing your name after divorce might be the last thing on your mind. But this one small shift might help you regain some control over your identity and your life.

Indiana name change

How to Legally Change Your Name in Indiana

To change your name in the state of Indiana, you will do it according to the laws and statutes on name changes for the State (Chapter 2 of IC 34-28-2). While the statutes are available online, the following information can help you to change your name with ease.

Alaska Name Change through Marriage, Divorce, or Court Order

Alaska Name Change: A Complete Guide for 2021

Sledging through the Alaska name change process is a dreaded hassle for many a newlywed. If not through marriage, then divorce. Or even court petition. It's not as hard as you may think or fear. Let us light your path.

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How to Change Your Name in Wyoming

Many people might think that the name change process is too difficult to undertake alone. Fortunately, this process is actually much simpler than you might think! Here is a quick, easy guide on how to change your name through marriage, the courts system, and during a divorce hearing in the state of Wyoming.