How Our Name Change Service Works

While the idea of going through a legal name change after marriage is great, the actual process can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Whether updating your social security card, passport, or driver's license, you'll have to fill out certain forms, each with their own requirements. There's an easier way…

We've helped thousands of people, such as yourself, undergo the name change process, minus the hassle and lost time doing it all by yourself. You can accomplish this using the most efficient way possible—by doing it online. Here are the steps you'll use to change your name:

Step 1: Answer a Few Questions About Yourself

Once you register an account, you'll be presented with some basic questions about yourself. Things such as your old name and your new name. An address where your updated name-related documents should be mailed. For the sake of expediency, only the minimum number of questions necessary to help you undergo your name change will be asked.

Step 2: Generate Your Forms

You're going to click a button that will "generate" your forms. This step only takes a split second, but it's where the magic happens. Remember those questions you answered? Well, our online software take those answers, cleans them up, formats them, then merges them into the proper name change forms.

Step 3: Print Your Forms

Now you're ready to immediately download your completed forms. They'll be formatted in the universally accepted PDF file format, which assures optimum print quality and consistency. Most likely, you already have a PDF reader installed alongside your web browser. If not, we'll show you how to download and install it. Now it's time for you to print your forms.

Step 4: Sign, Date, and Mail Your Forms

Once you've printed your forms, you'll have to sign, date, and put them in the mail. We'll provide a final set of instructions about where to put your signature (in case you miss it) and where to send it to, as it can vary based on location. That about covers it. Well done.

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Securely Manage Your Name Change

Making sure that your account is kept secure and private is of utmost importance. That is why all activity in your account is tunneled through industry standard, 256-bit encryption to protect your data. What encryption does is scramble communications (coming and going) so only you can access and read them.

Quickly Complete Your Forms

When it comes to changing your name, you need it done correctly and securely, but it also shouldn't take forever. Our goal is to help get you through this process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many folks have told us they've completed our name change forms in less than 30 minutes, which is a pretty good benchmark.

Forms and Instructions Under One Roof

No one wants to be bothered with researching and compiling name change forms. It's a dreary task that many folks, unfortunately, put themselves through. We've gathered the necessary forms and documentation here, so you don't have to hunt them down yourself. Whether you need to update your social security card or passport information, we've got you covered.

It's Easy to Use

Any software that requires you to "read the manual" isn't doing it right. We've integrated feedback from actual users to make sure our name change forms are instantly intuitive. We've yet to have anyone tell us our service was difficult to use (knock on wood). We intend to keep it that way.

Convenience is Key—You Determine the Schedule

The advantage of dealing with your name change online is that you determine the schedule. You decide when to begin and end. Whether you're at work or at home with your laptop, you complete your name change forms at the location and time that's most convenient for you.

Email and Phone Support Is Available

Even though we've designed everything to be as simple and intuitive as humanly possible, we do understand that there are times when a little extra help is required. That's why we provide free phone and email support if you ever need a helping hand.

Start the Name Change Process Before "or" After You're Married

If you're already married and you're ready to change your name, you can dive in at any time. If you're not yet married, but you intend to change your name after marriage, you can also get started filling out and completing your forms today.

Lifetime Account Access

We don't believe in having to register more than once for the same service. We don't like expiration dates, time limits, or lockouts. Once you setup an account, you'll have lifetime access to your name change documents. You never know, somewhere down the line you may come across an organization you forgot to notify about your new name. Getting back into your account to remedy that will certainly come in handy.

Works Regardless of Which State You're From

When you change your name it's important to take into account where you reside. Certain documents have to be filed at certain locations, many times based on residency. We're thorough in making sure your vital documents get to exactly where they need to be.

Fresh, Up-to-Date Forms

Government name change forms are updated from time to time. Sometimes the modifications are slight, other times they're drastic. It's important that the documents you file are up-to-date and how you fill them out meet current requirements. That is why we monitor changes to such documents to assure you are provided the most recent and accepted forms to facilitate your new name.

Mobile-Ready—For Those On-the-Go

You'll need two things to complete these forms: a browser and a printer. Whether that browser is on a PC, tablet, or smartphone doesn't matter—we support them all. If you're using your phone, this site will automatically reorganize and fit itself on your display for optimum readability and usage.

Automatic Error Checking Performed

Manually filling out paper forms with pen and ink is prone to errors. If you're not careful, mistakes bleed through which can invalidate your hard work. Filling out forms online can also be problematic if there are not checks in place to assure quality. That is why our online software automatically sweeps your forms for common errors and then alerts you to things that need fixing.

For Extra Security, Password-Protect Your Forms

Even though all your account activity is encrypted, we've added an additional layer of protection that will allow you to password-protect your individual PDF forms that are generated for you. This will authorize only you to open, read, and print them. Of course, you don't have to use it. It's just a good option for those who desire an extra layer of security.

It's Flexible—Fill in a Little or a Lot

This service is pretty straightforward. You answer some questions, our software takes your answers and merges them into the proper name change documents, in the proper format. But that doesn't mean you have to answer every question. If there's something you'd rather not answer, then feel free to leave it blank. You can fill in as little or as much as you're comfortable with. Anything omitted can simply be filled in with an ink pen after you generate and print your forms.

Only What's Absolutely Essential

Your time is valuable and our forms don't waste it by asking you unnecessary questions. Our focus is to get you in and out as quickly as possible by focusing only on the crucial aspects of the name change forms. Since virtually every form is going to want to know your old name and new name, there's no point asking you that multiple times. We ask you once and propagate your answer in the numerous spots that require it.

Trusted by Thousands of Users

We've been directly involved in helping thousands of people change their names. We know the ins and outs. The proper routes and the pitfalls. We're can get you to the finish line without tripping along the way.

No Wait Times—You'll Get Instant Access

Here's what happens. Once you sign-up (which takes about a minute), you'll automatically be transferred to your name changes forms. There's no waiting for us to postal mail you anything. There's no waiting for some email confirmation link to arrive. You get it right now.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you give our service a try and come away unsatisfied, simply contact us within 60 days to take advantage of our money back guarantee. We won't pepper you with questions, ask you to fill out a survey, or try to convince you to change your mind. We'll respect your decision and promptly deliver on our promise. No fine print.

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