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Wedding Music for Your Ceremony and Reception

To create the ideal special day, every detail has to be planned out perfectly. These details include the music that will be played at your ceremony and reception. Many people think their only the traditional ways of doing things, but the truth is that it is your wedding and you can choose to be as creative as you like. Customizing the music, especially for your ceremony is just one way to add a unique touch to your big event without going over the top.

Nighttime Wedding Reception

How to Properly Choose Your Wedding Location

When you're planning your wedding, nearly everything revolves around the date and location. You can't plan very much without knowing when and where the wedding will be, and it's tricky to settle on one until you have the other. The process of properly choosing your wedding location will probably involve booking a venue somewhere, but where should you hold the wedding?

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Maiden Name to Middle Name Change

When you're considering ways to change your name while honoring your maiden name, one of the best options to consider is adopting your new spouse's name and making your maiden name your new middle name.

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Surviving Your Wedding When You're an Introvert

When you're naturally introverted, wedding planning and preparation can be overwhelming. Everything from arranging flowers to tuxedo rentals requires you to stop in and visit stores in person, call, email, or interact. Even if you're keeping the ceremony small, there are bound to be people attending who don't know your personal boundaries like your close friends, and by the end of the day, you may find yourself exhausted.

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Dealing with Last-Minute Wedding Problems

Popping the question is one of the simplest parts of getting married: getting a yes takes just seconds. After that point, you have everything from wedding ring sets to flower delivery to arrange! Even when you've settled on a date, have planned all the details, and are ready for your upcoming wedding, last-minute disruptions can throw a wrench in your plans.

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Use Your Maiden Name Even After a Name Change

Whether you have decided to change your name in order to match your new spouse's and kids' names or because you like the new name better, there are still some situations in which you may be required to continue using your maiden name.

Married Couple Figuring Out Their Household Roles and Rules

Household Roles and Rules After Marriage

Whether you have just moved in with your new spouse or you have lived together for some time before marriage, there's no question that the marriage ceremony changes relationships. You have to adjust to an entire life ahead, sharing space and duties with your new partner.

Woman Feeling Depressed After Marriage

Dealing with Post-Marriage Depression

You've poured all your energy into the wedding for months or years, and you've gone through the entire process of hiring, buying, renting, and returning everything imaginable. Now, you're starting to feel blue. Is post-marriage depression a real phenomenon, or is it all in your head?

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Your After Marriage To-Do List

Congratulations on your marriage! You did it! You got through the wedding; hopefully the honeymoon was as amazing as you had hoped. Now, though, you're back and you're ready to dig in to life as a married couple. So… How do you do that?