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Kentucky name change guide

How to Legally Change Your Name in Kentucky

Planning to undergo a Kentucky name change? Not sure where to start? You've come to the right place. This detailed guide will show you how to navigate the legal name change process via marriage, divorce, or court order.

Doing Business As (DBA) your former name

Doing Business As (DBA) Your Birth, Former, or Maiden Name

Taking your partner's name can certainly be an exciting idea. You're sharing their history and a part of themselves, all with one simple change. It can create a genuine sense of family between you and your partner and lead you to the next step in your journey together.

Missouri name change through marriage, divorce, or court order

A Complete Guide to Legal Name Change in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, name change is permissible as per statute 527.270 of the state that allows any resident to change their name for social, religious, personal, divorce, or marriage reasons. The procedure needn't be complex or slow, assuming you've got the right guide. Let us light your path. Starting with the most common form of name change: marriage...

Tennessee name change through marriage, divorce, or court order

A Complete Guide to Legal Name Change in Tennessee

Under statute 21-37 of the State of Tennessee, you can seek a name change through divorce, marriage, or normal child or adult name change. Whatever the reason for your change of name, the following information might help shed light on what lies ahead.

Married African-American Couple Photoshoot in Maryland

Maryland Name Change: A Complete How-To Guide

Undergoing a legal name change in Maryland is easy if you know the proper steps. Today you'll learn the many ways to legally change your name without an attorney. Whether changing through marriage, divorce, or court petition.

Nevada name change after marriage, divorce, or court petition

How Do I Change My Name in Nevada?

Going through a legal name change in Nevada might sound hard, but it's much easier than you'd think. This page will help you navigate the different ways to legally change your name. Whether through marriage, divorce, or district court petition.

Woman Undecided About Changing Her Name

Do I Have to Change My Name After Marriage?

So you're facing the prospect of changing your name, but aren't sure if you have to go through with it. Maybe you're married, divorced, or either event is eminent and this name change question remains an unanswered, looming storm cloud.

Ohio Against the World Flag

How to Change Your Name in Ohio by Marriage, Divorce, or Court Order

Name change should be as easy as using it on a daily basis, but this is not the case if you want to make the petition official in a legal way, whether you are in Ohio or any state across the country. If you are in Ohio, there are a number of things about name change you might want to know.